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Discidium provides scaled efficiencies, creative thinking and deep expertise to help navigate towards exceptional business outcomes, with key emphasis on strategic areas of data, regulatory environments, crypto & traditional market trading & strategy tools. 

Our unique service offering is underpinned by data, tech & innovation.

What We Do

Regulation & Compliance

Discidium Regtech Combining expertise with innovation to make regulated entities & compliance needs smarter. Improving industry services through technology and senior expertise. Helping navigate the global business and regulatory environment and define, develop, implement and deliver their regulatory compliance tools and business strategies.

Financial Markets

Discidium Markets  Helping, traders, IBs, wealth managers, exchanges prepare for the digital future. Discidium offers deep digital asset trading implementation knowledge experience from traditional markets through to converging with decentralised governance, delegation/DeFi platforms and products.

Data Analytics, Blockchain & AI

 Discidium Digital  Leveraging new global digital assets and data platforms and traditional data tools enabling a transparent, immutable, secure cross-border processes and providing a unified viewpoint and control of enterprise data.

Innovation & Ideation

Discidium Innovation  Establishing your entrepreneurial mindset. Discidium makes it clear and well understood that leadership and culture plays an influential role in the way enabling technologies and innovation adoption will be managed - and organisational culture can become the catalyst.

Disruptive Technology for Disruptive Growth
New business and governance models are expected from key initiatives such as digital transformations, 
artificial intelligence, crypto markets smart analytics, customer experience, regulatory changes, open banking, 
data governance, data sharing, blockchain and other emerging innovations and technologies.

Advisory Management

At Discidium innovation and creativity are embedded in our culture enabling us to drive innovation through exploration of many options and some unique perspectives that will always challenge any of the current practices


The definition of success is not longer linked primarily to traditional efficiency and profitability attributes either, but now must include business agility, market adaptation,  collaboration, adaptable business models, enabling technology, "always-on" employee and customer interactions and more

Solutions That Work For You

We believe technological disruptions across industries is unavoidable, an irreversible trend that will expand and influence many functions including legal, commercial, regulatory and technological development

Are You Ready For The Change?

Our entire team is comprised of strategic problem solvers who are creative, collaborative, and take up each challenge with a positive and confident attitude. The Discidium team includes some of the most talented individuals with authentic leadership skills and the highest degree of technical expertise. These senior-level technology leaders are able to apply business and technology management strategies that really work.